Our Apps

In addition to building apps for our clients, we get the itch to build apps that we think can make people's lives better. We see the pain points that people are having with either a manual process they are doing or bad technology they are using and we build things to make that process easier.

If you're having trouble with any of our apps, visit our Support page.

Here are the apps we've built outside of our client work:

  • Teaching Notebook Icon

    Teaching Notebook

    Teaching Notebook is an app designed for people who teach crafts. The app solves two main problems: tracking attendance and keeping notes about your students' progress.

    This app was inspired by Brandy's metalsmithing teacher, Ed Barker. He was looking for a less manual/more efficient way of tracking attendance and needed something to help him track his students progress – so we combined those two processes into 1 easy to use tool.

    To track his students' progress, he wanted a way to be able to remember the jewelry that his students had made in the past because he couldn't keep it all in his head. So we made the notes focus on the images. You can add text also, but it works perfectly with just the pictures.

    Teaching Notebook is available in the iOS App Store for $9.99.