We are Brandy Thomas and David Brunow and we are Shepherd Dog!

We build software tools for small businesses, startups, and non-profits – everything from web to iOS to Android. What do we mean by software tools? Here are some examples:

  • An iOS app to control tiny computers used on municipal, commercial, and residential buildings
  • A web app for a church to better care for its members
  • Android and iOS apps to help people who care for senior citizens

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What We Do

We believe small teams can change the world. We communicate more effectively and efficiently, and have a singular vision of what we build. That means a smoother process for you and a better tool for your end customer. It means that we know both what all the pieces are and how they fit together.

We believe in customer service. We speak to you in your language instead of overwhelming you with jargon. But we also work well with in-house teams and talking that talk when necessary.

We believe in your idea. We get genuinely excited about each project that we're fortunate enough to work on and think our excitement shows through our work.