What We Do

We Are Real People

We build the tools you need to improve your business. For example, we can build tools to help your employees do their jobs better or for your customers to use a service you provide to them. Most of the time this means writing software specific to your needs. We call that custom software and it is somewhat similar to custom carpentry.

You can go to a home store and find pre-built cabinets with lots of configuration options and a selection of sizes. But they might not fit perfectly or work just the way you want them to. Alternatively you can have a skilled carpenter come to your house, measure your kitchen, and ask you how you use it. Then they can build exactly what you need.

That's what we do, but using code instead of wood and screws. We take measurements like asking how many people will be using the app. We ask you how your business works so we can know exactly what the app needs to do. Then we build the thing you need, give it to you, and it is yours.

But we have a big advantage over the carpenter. Since we are working with code we can much more easily show you what we've built, gather your feedback, and then change plans if necessary. Some questions can't be answered at the beginning of a project and allowing room for change can make the difference between a good app and a great one.

We can also take something pre-built and modify it to better suit your needs. That might work for you or we might not be able to reconfigure it enough to work for you.

Pricing Overview

Due to the nature of building custom solutions to your problems it is impossible to tell you exactly what a project will cost without spending time to get a basic understanding of your needs and providing a quote. If you're ready for that step, send us an email now and we can get that process started. And don't worry, we don't charge for learning about your business and providing a quote.

Because we're small and efficient we can offer a unique pricing policy. Unless your project changes significantly, the most you'll pay for a project is the number we gave you on our quote. If our quote was too low and we need to spend extra time to get your project done right you still only pay that quoted amount. If our quote was too high and we were able to finish the project in less time than we quoted then you only pay for the actual hours we worked.

To give you an idea of how much a new application might cost, here are some starting numbers from our recent work. In the last year, the smallest new iOS app that we quoted was for $4,092, a comparable Android app will cost about 33% more than that, and a basic web app which was built on top of an existing open source software was quoted at $2,728.