Pricing Information

Without knowing your needs we cannot possibly tell you how much a solution will cost.

On the Services page we've provided starting prices where applicable but we treat every client uniquely. You won't be getting a template of a solution that we've created for someone else – businesses are not one-size-fits-all and we don't believe that templates like that are the right way to go.

Although we can't give you an exact price for everything right here, we can tell you about our process. In short, our process is to figure out as much about what you need as we can up front, provide a written estimate for how much it will cost, and then stick to that estimate. If you want to add something that wasn't included in the original estimated amount, it may increase the total cost of the project. We will explicitly let you know if that amount is going to go up so you can decide whether you are OK with that before moving forward with the change.

We will come up with our estimates based upon the number of hours we think the project will take at our hourly rate, which is $124 an hour for for-profit businesses and $62 an hour for non-profit businesses. While working on your project we will be tracking our hours to the nearest half hour, using normal rounding practices (less than 15 minutes rounds down, more rounds up). Your final invoice will be at most the initial estimate we provided plus any approved additions discussed throughout the project, but if our hours worked were below what we estimated then the invoice will be for a lower amount, the actual number of hours worked times our bill rate.